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Services Provided

Construction Site
Blueprint Design
Septic Tanks System Installing

Site and Grading Plans

A map of your property showing all required information by local jurisdictions.

Design and Drafting

Professional custom plans of your building tailored to your needs

Structural Engineering

Have plans but need engineering? We work with Architects and drafters to engineer their buildings

Septic Design

Septic designs to cover all kinds of scenarios, from traditional to sand filter and more.

Black Soil
Grass Lawn with Concrete Wall
Retaining Wall Installation
Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

Soil Testing and Compaction

We test soil to see if it is suitable for building, check its bearing capacity, and other qualities as well.

Retaining Walls

Concrete and masonry wall designs for a variety of applications.

Rockery Walls

Custom rockery wall designs up to 14' in height. Also know as gabbion walls.

House Plans

Custom house plans designed with your input to get the exact design you want.

Hurricane ridge area in Olympic Mountain
Covered Plants
Energy Efficiency Consultation

Drainage Studies

Plans and designs for rainfall and flooding control.

Surveying and Topo Mapping

In the field surveying. Accurate elevations necessary for site maps.

Greenhouse Design and Permitting

Plans and calculations for existing and/or new greenhouses.

Title 24 (Energy Calculations)

Windows, insulation, heating and cooling systems. We can find the right combination to meet requirements while saving you money.

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