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Why Should You Choose Lincoln and Long

We understand that in today's environment you have choices for the engineering company you choose to hire and that construction can be a very costly endeavor not to be taken lightly. This is not like shopping for clothes or buying groceries. Your project needs expertise, it needs to last and it needs to not to break the bank. We take this business seriously and here's why we excel in delivering exceptional engineering services.


Between Dave Lincoln, Dave Long, and the other long term professionals at Lincoln and Long we exceed 100 years of combined experience. From septic design to retaining walls to custom designed homes we have done it all and a lot of it. This extensive background equips us to tackle even the most unique challenges. We leverage this experience to develop effective action plans to unforeseen circumstances.

California building

Navigating the building permit process in California, can present complexities. Our extensive experience with local building departments allows us to guide you through the intricacies efficiently. This translates to a smoother permitting process and a faster path to breaking ground on your project.


We are not a huge organization and so we can shift when need be. We can shift focus when time is of the essence. This means when you encounter a problem or a hold up we can usually help provide an answer in a timeframe that won't delay your project too much.


Our extensive experience in Nevada County has fostered a strong network of repeat clients and contractors. They value our consistent track record of providing high-quality services and trust us as a reliable partner in their projects.

Some of Our Projects

The steel girder framework of a new building.jpg
The steel girder framework of a new building.jpg

Metal Building Foundation Design

Save Concrete, Save Time, Save Money

Concrete Reducing Design

Engineered metal building foundations optimize concrete usage through creative design. This considers factors like soil strength, building loads, and efficient load distribution. The result: a foundation that's strong and stable while minimizing unnecessary concrete.

Quick Turnaround Time

2 week turnaround time for most projects. Avoid hold-ups that impact your timeline.

 Easy to Read Plans

Our plans include all the pertinent information in a clear and understandable layout, avoid any redundant or unnecessary information, and we can almost always have it done with just two sheets.

Low Cost Design

Our experience and expertise lets use complete most foundation plans quickly and efficiently, which results in a cost savings to you. Foundation plans for a 40'x50' steel building would typically be around $1500.

Call Today to Get Started 530-273-0503

Rebar Setup with Hairpins

Example Foundation Plan

Project During Construction

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